Friday, July 19, 2019


Goa is famous for its azure skies, palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, vibrant nightlife, scrumptious seafood, and a lot of adventure. The best way for you to enjoy your trip here is by doing Water Sports in Goa, which is so popular among the tourists and adventure enthusiasts come here to do these activities.
Goa is an incredible beauty in West India over-packed with colorful beaches and parties. One can get the chance to indulge in adventure sports in Goa apart from the usual ones. Goa vehemently suggests millions of adventure activities which are the inimitable types, both on land and in water. When tourism began to have some strikingly strong influence on the state, the Government and the locals started offering the tourists amazing moments through the adrenaline pumping activities.

What are the best adventure activities to try in Goa?
SCUBA DIVING – This adventure sport for the lovers of marine life and brave heart. Scuba Diving in Goa is all about going deep in the water to and witnessing the various marine lives down there inside the water, starting from colorful fishes, lobsters, to marine plants. Interested people can dive into a depth of five to ten meters in the water. Scuba Diving is just not an adventure sport it is also said to be meditation in water.

RIVER RAFTING – This sport is widely popular in the rivers in the mountainous regions, it is now a popular monsoon adventure sport in Goa. River Rafting in Goa is a highly thrilling and enjoyable activity, it is a group activity that not only gives one adrenaline rush to you but it will also teach to work in a group. The white water rafting on the Mandovi River in Goa provides the gleam of fast-moving clear water which is a beautiful sight for you to be a part of.

KAYAKING – It is the ultimate stress buster for you, where you just have to paddle through mangrove forests. You can set cruising on a long river like a water body and experience a strange sense of calmness and adventure. You can feel all the stress leave your body as you marvel at the beautiful sunset.

TREKKING – The most superior activity among the land based Adventure Activities in Goa is Trekking. At reasonable rates, multiple types of trekking are available in Goa like jungle trekking, beach trekking, and many more, which have quite a large number of admirers. Remarkably different from the alluring common photographs of the sunset, the beaches, and the beachside restaurants. Trekking in Goa shows us the second facial expression of the state.

Some of the most thrilling adventure activities you must try in Goa other than these activities are Parasailing, Snorkeling, Banana Boat Ride, Jet Skiing, Speed Boating, Camping, ATV biking, Hot Air Balloon flight, and many more. These adventure activities create a dispensable vow with the tourists since each of them provides an obvious adrenaline rush and utmost thrill.

If you are an adventure freak then plan your trip to Goa today, to try out some amazing and thrilling activities over here.

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